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OK, Merlin is entertaining, but there are a lot of logic problems and it bugs me like whoa. I know I need to suspend my disbelief and all, but it’s hard.

Also, I know everybody and their mother ships Merlin/Arthur, but Arthur treats Merlin like crap—even when they’re alone. Like?? It isn’t conducive to shipping them at all. You would not treat somebody you loved like that in private.

The only thing I remotely ship at this point in time (I’m on episode 4 of Season 2) is Merlin/Gwen—at least their flirting is cute. The Gwen/Arthur stuff just seems too stiff.

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John Oliver Tackles Scottish Independence on ‘Last Week Tonight’

I do not know near enough about UK politics to have an opinion on Scottish independence, but this video is hilarious.

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This has never been more true.


This has never been more true.

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My poor baby has to stay in her carrier all night according to the spaying people. : ( She’s so desperate to get out. I’m definitely only adopting shelter pets that are already fixed after this—it’s heart-wrenching to watch her try to get out. : ( : ( 

It’s too late [x]


“My Parents”, 1977, David Hockney.


My Parents”, 1977, David Hockney.

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I want to go all in.

I want to go all in.

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Poor bebe Milo. This is a bad week for her. Yesterday she had to get her shots (3 of them!) and then today she’s getting spayed.

I pick her up from spaying at 2:30. Hopefully she’ll be OK.

Poor poor bebe. I keep worrying about her. : ( 

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